Corbin Lane Schleider
Sarah Elizabeth Griffin

Rovers and Mavericks. We’re led by the moonlight, rejuvenated by the sunrise on the relentless pursuit of meaningful ways to engage with those around us.

I’m Corbin Lane, the guy behind the camera and the fella who made this website. You play a vital part in what I offer hence the “we” I keep referring to, I’m merely a guide who is here to interpret what you want and convey it through photography.


Next up is Ryan Thomas, he is stupid talented at anything he does whether it be painting, glass working or photography. He has an eye for detail and a heart for perfection.


Last but not least is Sarah Griffin, shes a slayer of words and a business bad-ass. Some say she can found at the top of  Mt. Everest teaching yoga.

Are you ready for us to be more than just an extra in eachothers life? Do you want us to help you tell the story you want to be told?