Child Actor – Never Die

August 30, 2014

Child Actor is a duo of Max Heath and Natalie Plaza. The hip hop beats matched with the voice gives a unique tune that keeps your head bobbin’. Get a sneak peak of their new work before it drops on Sept 2nd.


Child Actor – Never Die (BSBD remix)

August 27, 2014

Blue Sky Black Death has a certain aura around their music. It’s dreamy with a side of chill and bounce to it. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Blue Sky Black Death when I went to Electric Forest in 2014. Give their tunes a listen and download their Noir album.

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Mellow Mountain Hostel

July 17, 2014
Kings Beach

The rest of our time in Utah was spent trying to get out of Utah and boy was I glad when we set out for Reno. We had over 500 miles to go and the speed limit is around 80 which naturally means that I’m doing 88 because 88 is the magic number and in the blink of an eye we were siting at a Round Table Pizza in Reno, Nevada.

After we ate all we wanted to do was get to our hostel but wait, we don’t have one booked. It was just past 6 and most of the hostels closed around 4-6 so we were out of luck except for one that didn’t have any reviews, pictures or a website. It seamed like a bad deal but it was our only option so we called ’em and after I spoke to Elias and the first few words out of his mouth were “groovy” and “righteous” I knew that we were in for a treat.

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Making it to Rainbow Gathering and beyond.

July 17, 2014
Sunrise over Heber City

Our destination was in Heber City, UT. It held over 8000 hippies, yuppies and schwilly kids at the Rainbow Nation Gathering, a place where respect gets respect. Heading out to Rainbow Nationals I had no expectations and I was taking things as they came and when we stopped outside of Omaha, Nebraska to change a headlight there was a couple busking trying to get out to Washington. They knew about rainbow and wanted to go but they weren’t able to make it on time, so they loaded their bags in the trunk and we set out to Heber City.

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