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The Mysterious Full Moon Ferry

November 7, 2014

On the hour-long flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui, we spent more time circling the airstrip because of weather than we did actually flying from place to place. This also meant that we wouldn’t get our luggage for another half hour because if they unloaded it, our luggage would get soaked by the morning rain. To most, this wasn’t a big deal. But there were a few travelers who were in a hurry to get, well, nowhere because everyone was going to the same place: Ko Pha Ngan. There was a single bus that ran from the airport to the pier, and it waited until everyone was ready to go with luggage and tickets in hand.

Before we set off, we had to stuff ourselves like clowns into this huge van that had less seat belts than it did seats. Only adding to the chaos was the rain. And experiencing the driving of the Thai people made me appreciate the traffic-riddled roads of LA—and that’s a bold statement. Once we got to the pier, I bought myself some M&Ms and a nice, cold beer. I munched and drank while everyone unloaded their bags, waiting for the time our luggage would take their place. Once I got on the ferry, I immediately wanted to get off again. I was already shoulder-to-shoulder on the railing with people and they kept stuffing us in there like sardines. But the end was in sight and I could already feel the bed I was about to hop in to.

Ferry loaded down with people

Ferry loaded down with people

The hazy weather that day gave the ferry ride a very mysterious vibe. The lack of visibility, however, didn’t stop people (me) from taking pictures—watching Koh Samui disappear in the rain and watching the side of Ko Pha Ngan appear was remarkable. I was finally here. As it set in that I was indeed in Thailand, I could at last relax (only partially in thanks to the beers they sold on the ferry).

Koh Samui on a Rainy Day

Koh Samui

Ko Pha Ngan on a Rainy Day

Ko Pha Ngan

As I hopped off the ferry, I was greeted by my long-lost sisters. After making a spectacle of our excitement at being reunited, we were on the move. This is where Thailand is so convenient because it wasn’t more than a 5-minute walk from the pier that the bungalow was in view. Running purely on adrenaline at this point, I knew I needed a few things: food, sleep and a shower. The shower being the least vital, we got some food on the beach and I went to sleep…for a whole 16 hours. But I woke up at the perfect time to see this beautiful sunrise, welcoming us to Thailand before the Full Moon party.

Sunrise over Haad Rin beach, Thailand

Sunrise view from my bungalow in Haad Rin beach, Thailand

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around. Leave me a comment because I can’t wait to show you a few shots from the aftermath of the party and the sunset we saw at a Jamaican bar.

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