Mellow Mountain Hostel

July 17, 2014
Kings Beach

The rest of our time in Utah was spent trying to get out of Utah and boy was I glad when we set out for Reno. We had over 500 miles to go and the speed limit is around 80 which naturally means that I’m doing 88 because 88 is the magic number and in the blink of an eye we were siting at a Round Table Pizza in Reno, Nevada.

After we ate all we wanted to do was get to our hostel but wait, we don’t have one booked. It was just past 6 and most of the hostels closed around 4-6 so we were out of luck except for one that didn’t have any reviews, pictures or a website. It seamed like a bad deal but it was our only option so we called ’em and after I spoke to Elias and the first few words out of his mouth were “groovy” and “righteous” I knew that we were in for a treat.

Mellow Mountian Hostel


The hostel hadn’t been open for more than a week and we were some of the first customers. It was really cool to be a part of something that meant so much to Wolfie and Elias. Once we settled in and got some sleep we woke up the next day and hit the beach, by the time we got out there it had gotten cloudy but that was okay because we didn’t care about getting sun but just relax and shoot the shit.

Kings Beach

Later that night when Elias and Wolfie were done with work for that day we started talking about work for stay options and we threw out the idea that we could do their landscaping. I’m sure they just laughed in their head not knowing exactly how sweet it was going to be but they agreed to it. Once we did get started we immediately knew that we needed a tiller to break up the top soil and some more top soil because everything was just so dry. It was getting late in the day, we couldn’t get the tiller until the next day so we just decided to call it.

Mellow Mountain Landscape before

Pro-tip: Always go to the common room for dinner. Its when everyone is cooking and doing something so its always easy to make new friends.

Paul cooked up some dank steak with quinoa and it attracted the attention from even the owners of the Hostel. So after everyone ate and ever body had their beer we all gathered ’round and exchanged stories, advice and knowledge. While staying at the Mellow Mountain we met plenty of PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) hikers that all knew each other from the trail, a few of them had to stay a little longer due to fatigue or injury.

Mellow Mountain Bedrooms

On the 4th day in Tahoe City the utilities had been marked off so it was safe to use the tiller. Even though I don’t have any pictures, the thing was bigger than I am and it did a helluva job. After we finished we were dead tired so we put off going to the nursery to get flowers off until tomorrow. On the 5th day in Tahoe City my phone crapped out on me so I had to go to Carson City, about 45 minutes away to exchange with ATT and thankfully it wasn’t a pain in the ass. After I got back it wasn’t fun and games, we still had to get all of our flowers planted and re-leveled before we could quit, not to mention I made a huge mess when debarking the tree and that took 2 tarps alone. On our last day at Mellow Mountain we weren’t sure if we were staying for another day because the plan was to take the log and make it into chairs, only problem was we couldn’t find a chainsaw long enough so the idea was scrapped. We did some last minute manicuring before we packed our bags and headed to the North side of Lake Tahoe to do some floating on the water.


Mellow Mountain after

Mellow mountain after


Off to San Francisco!

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