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Making it to Rainbow Gathering and beyond.

July 17, 2014
Sunrise over Heber City

Our destination was in Heber City, UT. It held over 8000 hippies, yuppies and schwilly kids at the Rainbow Nation Gathering, a place where respect gets respect. Heading out to Rainbow Nationals I had no expectations and I was taking things as they came and when we stopped outside of Omaha, Nebraska to change a headlight there was a couple busking trying to get out to Washington. They knew about rainbow and wanted to go but they weren’t able to make it on time, so they loaded their bags in the trunk and we set out to Heber City.

200 miles down the road we were in Wyoming at the Wyoming Welcome Center rest stop and we all needed sleep, so we setup camp. I put up my hammock and they threw up their tent and we settled in for the night. Sunrise at 4:50 and I was wide awake a few hours later the Welcome center opened and there was coffee so already being awake I was too much for the late risers to handle and they all grabbed their coffee and we set back out.

The car won’t idle and I’m nervous because our ride home could be abandon at a National Forest. So we park it, grab our gear and head into the gathering. Not knowing what to expect set my bar low and thats a good thing because getting there late was definitely a bummer. Most of the people we were meeting up with had left the day before and everyone who was left was a schwilly kid with little respect so we packed our gear out of the gathering and setup camp elsewhere so we could hike around the area before we tried to figure out our plan.


We tossed around the idea of going to North Dakota and then Michigan but after we hiked around few a few days Paul got sick because of the elevation combined with the fact he didn’t drink enough water the day before so we made our way back to the car and into Heber to get some Gatorade and some solid food. The car starts but it’s rough so I’ve gotta keep the gas pedal mashed to the floor when we’re not moving otherwise it’ll die. On the ride down into Heber we’ve already figured out our next destination: Salt Lake City. It’s only about an hour away so thats where we’re headed.

The day is getting late and we’ve decided to pack out that night but Paul can’t even make it to the hammocks so I park the car as close to camp as possible and make the hike to pack out. I’ve got 2 bags and an Osprey water pack. i’m loaded down and the elevation makes it hard to move quickly but it’s getting dark so I have to hustle. I came up on some cool people who were siting on a log enjoying the toke when I sat down with them.
I met a trio named Cookie, Shay and Satellite. They were all with Rainbow and were really cool people, not just schwilly kids. I sat down with them to catch a breather and we get to talkin’. We talked about the gathering and what we thought of it and later into the conversation Shay mentions how bad their day has been. The friends she brought with her stole her car the night before, went to Heber, wrecked it, ran it out of gas and abandoned it in the middle of the road. It was going to be $250 to get it out of impound and she had to work the next day.

“I’ll help you get it out of impound if you help me pack out”

She thinks about it but thinks I’m messing with her so she’s hesitant but after some persuasion she agrees to it thinking that she’s just helping a stranger in the woods. We round the corner where the car is parked and I unlock it, throw the bags in the trunk and grab some money for her. She won’t take it at first because she didn’t believe it would happen. She gave me a great big hug, told me to look her up on Facebook and then we parted ways.

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